The ViaFrancigena goes from Pontarlier (F) through Switzerland to Aosta (I). Two special packages make the journey an unforgettable experience. Various other travel programmes are also possible.

Stage 1: Pontarlier–Les Fourgs–Ste-Croix

Starting in the French Jura, the route leads via La Cluse-et-Mijoux (F) to Les Fourgs (F). After crossing the border it reaches Sainte-Croix.

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Stage 2: Ste-Croix–Yverdon-les-Bains

At the steepest part of the descent to Yverdon-les-Bains the ViaFrancigena runs down historic cart tracks at Vuitebœuf.

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Stage 3: Yverdon-les-Bains–Mathod–Orbe

The route leaves Lake Neuchâtel, and passes through Chamblon and Mathod. After Boscéaz, the site of Roman mosaics, it reaches Orbes.

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Stage 4: Orbe–Romainmôtier–Cossonay

The ViaFrancigena reaches Romainmôtier via Bretonnières. After La Sarraz it goes along the bank of the Venoge to Cossonay.

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Stage 5: Cossonay–Bussigny–Lausanne

The way follows the Venoge to Saint-Sulpice. It runs along Lake Geneva, past the Roman ruins of Vidy to Lausanne.

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Stage 6: Lausanne–Lavaux–Vevey

From Ouchy the ViaFrancigena passes for miles through the Lavaux vineyards, a Unesco world cultural heritage site, as far as Vevey.

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Stage 7: Vevey–Montreux–Aigle

The hike follows Lake Geneva to Villeneuve, then continues up the Rhone Valley through Roche and Yvorne to Aigle.

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Stage 8: Aigle–Massongex–St-Maurice

The routes goes via Ollon to Les Dévens. Shortly afterwards the ViaFrancigena meets the Rhone and follows it to Saint-Maurice.

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Stage 9: St-Maurice–Vernayaz–Martigny

The road passes along the foot of the mountain of the historic «Chemin royal» through Evionnaz and Vernayaz to Martigny.

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Stage 10: Martigny–Sembrancher–Orsières

From Martigny the ViaFrancigena goes via Bovernier to Sembrancher. The «Napoleonic Way» leads to Orsières.

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Stage 11: Orsières–Liddes–Bourg-St-Pierre

The route runs along the Dranse to Liddes. From there a historic roadway leads to Bourg-Saint-Pierre.

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Stage 12: Bourg-St-Pierre–Grd-St-Bernard

This leg of the ViaFrancigena is highly symbolic: we reach the hospice of the Great St Bernard, the highest point on the pilgrim route between Canterbury and Rome.

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Stage 13: Grd-St-Bernard–St-Oyen/Etroubles

On the Italian side of the pass the ViaFrancigena goes to St-Rhémy (I) and then in a steady descent to St-Oyen (I) or Etroubles (I).

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Stage 14: St-Oyen/Etroubles–Gignod–Aosta

The ViaFrancigena run down the right side of the vallex to Gignod (I), then drops down to Aosta (I) via the Roman site of Augusta Praetoria.

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