ViaPostaAlpina – Exploring the central Alps by postbus and on foot

Steep roads, tight bends, the sound of the post horn, and a skilful PostBus driver – the ViaPostaAlpina brings to life the time-honoured alpine post system, still going strong after more than160 years. A generous dose of romanticism, a pinch of myth, a dash of serendipity and a few surprising twists and turns. In other words, the very ingredients of a good journey. Welcome to the ViaPostaAlpina!

The ViaPostaAlpina takes you by postbus and on foot through the Swiss Alps using historic paths and roads. The six-day round trip takes in the four passes of the Grimsel, Nufenen, Gotthard and Susten. You can combine hiking with spectacular PostBus tours, as the mood takes you. Whatever the weather, the ViaPostaAlpina is always fun, and ideal for groups and families, catering for all their different tastes.


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